School backpack with isothermal compartment 27*32*19 cm Savvana - A Little Lovely Company


Lovely Savvana themed school bag from A Little Lovely Company, perfect for any occasion. Absolutely practical and easy to use, since it has the ideal size and has many pockets for all your things for school or for a walk.

It has an isothermal front pocket that keeps the child's ankle at the right temperature!

Manufactured by durable material and has adjustable straps for the shoulders. It has an additional safety clasp to tie the 2 straps together and prevent them from slipping off the shoulders, and practical side pockets can accommodate their favorite pacifier! It is ideally combined with the corresponding case.

  • Dimensions: 27 *32*X19 cm
  • Material: PVC and polyester
Useful information
  • Isothermal front pocket to keep food at the right temperature side pockets for placing a cooler or other items.
  • Ice pack not included.