Payment methods

In the online store the payment methods are as follows:

Cash - COD

You can pay for the products you have chosen by the cash on delivery method, paying the employee of the courier company, upon delivery of the products to your place. In this case, you are automatically charged by the system with an additional +2.5€ . The payment method by cash on delivery is valid for the whole of Greece.

Credit card

You can pay for the products you selected by credit or debit card. The online store accepts all Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards. Your transactions in our online store are protected by superior online security systems ( SSL and digital certification from which ensure and guarantee a secure trading environment.

Bank Transfer

You can make a deposit to the bank account by writing the customer's name as justification.

Alphabank : GR18 0140 7040 7040 0200 2020 024 Katsioudi Angeliki/One & Only Baby

National Bank: GR71 0110 8310 0000 8310 0590 138 Katsioudi Angeliki/One & Only Baby

Eurobank : GR91 0260 3260 0001 0020 0996 373 Katsioudi Angeliki/One & Only Baby

Piraeus : GR86 0172 2120 0052 1210 4622 351 Katsioudi Angeliki/One & Only Baby

In the payment by bank transaction, the money transfer costs are borne by the customer, if the payment is sent by another bank. You must select "Charge Shipper's Costs" or the order will not be able to be completed.