Contest Terms & Conditions

1] Object of the Competition.

ONE AND ONLY BABY EE (hereinafter the "Company") is organizing a contest online via the Instagram page with a gift (hereinafter the "Gift") for 3 lucky winners:

3 lucky winners will each win 1 children's glasses from Grech & Co in colors and designs of their choice.

Subject to the following more specific terms and conditions:

2] Right to Participate in the Competition.

has every interested natural person who is a resident of Greece, as long as he has reached the age of eighteen (18) and has full legal capacity. Participation in the Contest requires unconditional acceptance of the Terms as well as the terms of use of Instagram, as well as any other website used for the participation and execution of the Contest. Participation in the Contest by One & Only Baby employees is prohibited as well as their first and second degree relatives and their spouses. The company reserves the right to request the identification of the participants' information in order to verify the participants' right to participate and return the Prize.

3] Duration of the Contest.

The duration of the competition is defined from the posting of the relevant announcement on Instagram until 23/04/2024 . The draw of the Competition will take place on 24 / 04 / 2024 , at the offices of "Darkpony Internet Services EE".

4] Method of Participation in the Competition.

To participate in the contest, one must visit the Company's Instagram page and follow the steps below Follow @oneandonlybaby_, Like the contest photo and Tag 1 friend. Entries submitted within the time limits of the competition are considered valid. The records that the Company will keep with the above details of the participants will constitute full proof regarding the receipt of any participation in the Competition and the validity of such participation, in accordance with condition 5 below.

5] Update on the selection of winners.

The organizer reserves the right to announce the name of the winner on its Instagram page. The winner will be notified via the Company's Instagram page with a relevant post. After his valid participation in the contest, the winner will be selected on 24/04 by the process of randomly selecting the comments of the participants through a special application. The winner will be announced on 24/04 . In the event that the Company becomes aware that the participants are using accounts that do not correspond to real natural persons, it is at the Company's discretion to exclude these participants.

The winner will be invited to accept his gift within (2) days and be informed about the further procedures by a representative of the company. If the winner does not accept their prize and does not contact us within 2 days, then they lose their right to the prize.

The winner, at any stage can be canceled for the following reasons:

(a) in the event that you do not comply with these terms in their entirety, all of which shall be deemed to be material.

(b) due to an impediment under these terms.

(c) in the event that, for any reason, it is not possible to contact the winner within the predetermined deadlines set out in these terms.

(d) No presentation of ID or passport upon receipt/delivery of the Gift.

The Company, in the event that any of the aforementioned cases occur in the person of the winner, has the right to proceed with the cancellation of his participation at any stage, even during the stage of giving the gifts.

6] The Company reserves the right to modify the present Detailed Terms of the competition, if deemed necessary. Any such amendment will be effective upon the posting of the amended terms on the Company's Instagram page.

7] Revocation of Tender – Modification of Terms.

The organizing company has the right to modify these terms (including the duration of the Competition), informing about it via its Instagram page with the effective date of the revocation/modification and the date of the relevant update. Furthermore, the organizing company reserves the right to cancel or cancel the Contest at any time and for any reason at its sole discretion. In this case, the organizing company will announce the cancellation/cancellation of the Contest in any convenient way. After the expiration of the duration of the promotional activity, any obligation of the organizing company ceases to exist, not having any obligation or responsibility towards the participants and the winner. The Gift is personal and is not exchangeable nor can it be requested to replace it with others or redeem it for money at any price. The Organizer reserves the right to modify the Prize as well as its number with a corresponding modification of the number of the final winner.

8] The Participants do not have nor do they acquire any rights at all over the property, brands, names, signs, emblems, other insignia of the companies and intellectual and industrial property rights.

9] Personal Data/Disclaimer

Subject to the provisions set out below or in the context of the Competition, processing of personal data will take place as follows: Each participant in the competition must act legally and within the framework of user business ethics and in accordance with Instagram's terms of use. Otherwise, the Company reserves the right to cancel his participation and take any legal action. By participating in the Contest, the contestant unconditionally consents to the processing of his personal data at any stage of the contest or even after it ends. The said personal data, sent by the contestants, will be stored and processed by automated and/or non-automated methods, in order to enable the completion of the Contest. The personal data will be kept and will be processed by the Company and its cooperating companies - beyond the above purpose - and for the advertising and promotion of the Company's products by email for news or offers, etc. The Company will not be responsible for case of any interruption or problem during the conduct of the competition, due to a malfunction of the Instagram website. The Company reserves the right to use in any way and medium (e.g. on the Internet, in the media, etc.) the participation of the users in the Contest in question, without their consent, even after the end of the aforementioned Contest. It goes without saying that the users will not be entitled to any fee or compensation or any other benefit for the above-mentioned publication etc., as well as for any advertising exploitation of the Competition by the Company. Participation in the promotion constitutes a clear declaration of consent on the part of the participants for the observance of their data and their processing for the needs of conducting and publicity of the promotion as well as for the purposes of informing and communicating with them about new promotional actions by the Giver. The organizing company informs that it and/or third parties as processors, by order and on its behalf, will process personal data of the Contest participants, which they will collect from them in accordance with the specific provisions in condition 4 above, with for the purpose of identifying and publishing the winner and carrying out all the necessary actions regarding the award of the Prize to him. The personal data will not be forwarded to third parties, other than any persons who, as processors, at the behest and on behalf of the Company, may be involved in the selection of the winner of the Competition and the performance of the Prize. At any time, the participant reserves the right to information or to object to the further processing of his data based on article 13 of Law 2472/97 on the protection of personal data. In the event that the participant directly discloses his personal data to third parties, the Donor does not bear any responsibility regarding the use by said third parties of the personal data that the participant disclosed to them. For this reason, it is the individual responsibility of each participant to personally study the relevant terms of personal data protection, before disclosing their personal data to third parties via the Internet. The organizing company bears no responsibility whatsoever if for reasons beyond its control (such as indicative but not limited to - force majeure, technical problems, lack of network coverage, network overload, network connection interruption, failure to send or accept e-mail messages due to lack of available space, incorrect method of participation) or outside the control sphere of any third party that will transfer the data, a) delay or fail to send and/or receive the competition participation data to the users, for any period of time interval, b) the maintained files (database with registered participants) are partially or completely destroyed. The organizing company bears no criminal or civil liability towards the winner or a third party, for any accident and/or damage and/or for any physical or other harm caused to them directly or indirectly related to the Prize, the use of the Prize or for any other reason. It is also not responsible for any defects in the Prize or for any other reason and does not bear or undertake any obligation towards the participants and/or the winners. After the expiration of the duration of the promotion and the distribution of the Gift as mentioned above, any obligation of the Company ceases to exist.

10] This promotion is not operated by, sponsored or otherwise sanctioned by or associated with Instagram.

11] In case of force majeure or security reasons, the Company may and is entitled NOT to offer the Gift, in which case it will be released from all responsibility and will not be obliged to offer an alternative gift of any form and value.

After the end of the Competition, as well as the distribution of the gift as mentioned above, any obligation of the company towards the participants ceases to exist.