DIY Constructions from Clay Hey Clay- Claymates Dinos Dinosaurs

SKU: HC-440049

The line of DIY clay products like Claymates Dinos , from the HEY CLAY company was created to develop children's skills and help them bring their most creative thoughts to life. The unique properties of clay make the creation process a wonderful and enjoyable experience that fascinates children and parents. The clay starts to set within 20 minutes and after 24 hours it will turn into a unique new toy!

There is a free app for mobile and smart devices, which is packed with creation guides and is a key part of HEY CLAY products. You can download the app and using special codes inside the packages, unlock the creation wizards. In the HEY CLAY app you will find wonderful animations that guide children to create imaginative characters in an original and interactive way.

  • Dimensions: 22.2*18.8*7.2cm
  • Contents: The package includes 275gr of clay in 18 cans with colors.
Useful information
  • HEY CLAY clay is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe for children.
  • Certifications: CE, ASTM
  • Ages: +3 years