Target Game with Discs and Ball RiBi BiBio +18 months

SKU: BIB-70030

Excellent Target Game with RiBi Discs and Ball, with 6 colorful discs from the company BiBio , which helps to stimulate the imagination and develop creativity in children of any age.

Our little friends can put the colorful discs on the ground or in the water and try to hit the ball in the center. Alternatively they can place the ball in one place and throw the discs at it! Combine it with other beach toys from the BiBio company. It is ideal for children +18 months .

  • Material: Extremely durable and environmentally friendly plastic - 100% recyclable
  • BPA, Latex or Phthalate free
Useful information
  • BPA, Latex or Phthalate free
  • Free of harmful chemicals.
  • Easy to clean
  • Ages: +18 months