Sophie La Girafe Soft Maraca Rattle

SKU: S010168

A light transparent Rattle Sophie La Girafe , in the form of a maraca. Small and medium balls bounce around Sophie as your baby plays and shakes his favorite rattle. Your baby begs for the constant movement of colors as he spins and shakes his rattle. The other side is a soft canvas crunchy ball, which sounds as if it crinkles when pressed and of course your baby will not stop sucking and responding to the sounds of his toy.

So much to discover in such a small accessory, that your baby will not let go of his hands.

In a small shape, ideal weight and light materials, a rattle with the beloved star Sophie the giraffe with easy handles for his little hands. Suitable for children from +3 months.

  • Dimensions: 16*6*6.5 cm
  • Age: +3 m
Useful information
  • It is cleaned with warm water and soap.
  • Certifications: CE