Sophie La Girafe: Play Set - Musical Telephone, Ball and Stackable Flowers

SKU: S516353

Perfect set of toys from our favorite Sophie La Girafe for your baby! The set includes:

- Sophie la girafe musical phone: A musical phone that every time it rings, a friend like Joséphine the mouse, Gabin the bear and Sophie of course appear! It has 5 different melodies and many more sounds. Operates on 2 AAA / LR3 batteries.
- Soft ball: made of soft material, it can be used as a rattle to entertain the baby and help develop fine skills.
- Stackable flowers: It has 8 flower cups in different colors that offer many different activities for the development of the child. First, the baby can handle and discover the animals imprinted on the bottom of the cups. He can then fill them with water to learn the connection between "empty / full" and "light / heavy". Suitable from +3m.

  • Dimensions: 30*30*10 cm
  • Age: +3 m
Useful information
  • It is cleaned with warm water and soap.
  • Certifications: CE