Back to School! Tips για την ομαλή επιστροφή του παιδιού σας στα θρανία

Back to School! Tips for the smooth return of your child to desks

Back to School! Tips for the smooth return of your child to desks

The summer passed and after the games in the sea, the bike rides, the walks, it was time for the children to go back to school. It is best for the child to begin the adjustment process gradually just before school starts.

  • Naturally, the first day of school, or the return to it regardless of grade, can create anxiety, stress and fear in children. To reduce this fear, talk to him about the new school year and arrange a walk with your child to school.

  • Start talking to him early about school by emphasizing the positive aspects of it to create a positive expectation about it. He will make new friends, meet his old friends and remind him of the good times he had last year at school.

  • It's only natural that your child's sleeping hours have changed during the summer. The hardest part after the holidays for most children is waking up in the morning. It would be good at least 2 weeks before schools open for him to get back to the sleep schedule he had before the holidays. In the morning, wake your child 15 minutes earlier than planned so that he has time to nap and gradually reduce this time, until he can get up on time without complaints.

  • Go shopping for school stuff together. Children enjoy being involved in choosing their school supplies and it creates a sense of anticipation for when they go to school to use them. The choice of pencils, pens, case and of course the school bag is a pleasant walk that will bring parents and children together, they will be refreshed and filled with joy and excitement for the new school year.

  • You take your child to school on the first day and for the whole first week and let the school return him. In this way, he perceives the school as a means that returns him and not that which takes him away from home.

  • A nutritious breakfast will help your child do better at school, be more focused and have more energy. Calculate the time it will take and fit it into his daily routine so you don't have to skip it. Also very important is his collar! A healthy and nutritious snack will maintain his energy and performance. Make sure to properly store and transport the food, fruit or snack in isothermal bags and food containers that will preserve it properly and safely until it is consumed.